... nothing is as always

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April 26 - May 16 2021
konnektor - Forum für Künste e.V. | Hannover
DÍA | Hannover

We opened GALERIE 13 in Hanover 30 years ago with the exhibition "DECHIPHRAGE - Surrealists Today" and the first exhibition in the konnektor- Forum für Künste took place 10 years ago. This event with its coincidence - especially as the three locations - Projektraum Día, in whose rooms we opened the gallery rooms extended in the mid-90s - are located close to each other - was reason enough to organise a special exhibition. The exhibition Gewissheiten - nichts ist wie immer (Certainties - nothing is as it always was) opened a discourse between art of the 90s, contemporary art and the current art from all over the world. There were 33 artists invited to take part. Works by artists from Galerie 13, as well as from Hanover and the Pacific region, were shown. Art lovers experienced that there is no contradiction between yesterday, today and tomorrow in art. They were able to see works and enjoy an exhibition in which images were presented that could not be as diverse as they are today. And this with an unusual kind of presentation.

Our thanks go to all the artists whose work has made this exhibition what it is, and to our cooperation partner Boris von Hopffgarten, konnektor - Forum für Künste e. V.
konnektor – Forum für Künste e. V.

gewissheiten | certainties

konnektor is funded by the Atelier- und Projektraumförderung of the Kulturbüro and the Dr. Christiane Hackerodt Kunst- und Kulturstiftung